Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day: Demand Immigration Reform! Act to Dismantle Imperialism!

Rally for immigrant women's liberation this May Day, Fri., May 1 with GABNet NY/NJ and Immigrant Communities in Action (ICA). Meet at Union Square at 6 p.m. and look for the GABNet banners. Email contact:

May Day Statement of the GABNet/Ma-Al: Demand Immigration Reform; Act to Dismantle Imperialism


On this year’s International Workers’ Day GABNet of the Mariposa Alliance calls on all women to reaffirm their commitment to women’s liberation. March against imperialism and women’s exploitation; march for workers and immigrant rights!

The call for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform must be made in conjunction with steadfast resistance to the globalization policies and practices by US-led imperialism, and an equally steadfast support for people’s movements in the much-imposed upon continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

May First being International Labor Day, we must recognize the role that imperialism plays in the burgeoning of migration the world over. GABNet of the Mariposa Alliance understands that while comprehensive immigration reform may well solve certain basic issues afflicting our transnational communities here, the root cause of migration is US-led imperialism which has virtually made our home countries economically uninhabitable.

Women the world over have suffered exponentially under imperialist globalization, which exacerbates the patriarchal view that they are a disposable segment of the national population. Women are driven to acute poverty by the destruction of their traditional livelihood as multinational conglomerates take over national resources and re-organizes national economies into profit-generating machinery for their own benefit. Women are transformed into cheap labor and sex commodity, as witness in the export processing zones of the world and in the global sex trade. As if this injury is not sufficient, imperialist culture insults women by pandering the idea that women have value only in terms of how their sexuality can become a source of cash and profit. Women are being asked to ignore the history of prostitution as originating in slavery. Truly, imperialism exacerbates patriarchal values, disguising the objectification of women as “choice” and “agency.”

GABNet honors all women -- migrant, transnational and citizens -- for the nobility of their sacrifice to enable their families, communities and nations to survive. At this time when the financial system’s collapse reveals how greed and selfishness are rewarded the most, women continue to be expected to be selfless and generous, to the extent of suspending their own lives to become workhorses for nations ravaged by imperialism.

Women in developing countries across the world have long been the engine of development and growth, taking risks and working impossibly hard to provide for their families. Every day, approximately 3000 Filipinas leave their homes and children to enter precarious situations that can only be described as modern-day slavery. Sadly, from Nepal to Senegal, from Iraq to Palestine, our sisters have become a symbol of what imperialism means to women: sexual slavery, relentless exploitation, violence, and death.

The global economic crisis is devastating the lives of women workers and their families. In Asia and Latin America, women working in export manufacturing industries, like clothes and electronics, are often first to be laid off, frequently without pay or compensation. In the Philippines, sex traffickers prey on women who have been laid off from factory jobs, asking them if they want to go and work abroad. Over one million women and children are trafficked internationally every year, becoming victims of sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and abuse.

There is a direct line between the transformation of women into private property in 4500 B.C. and their continuing oppression and exploitation in the 21st century. Time to put a stop to this! Lay down the New Women’s Agenda! Equality for all in all spheres of human life!

Release date: April 21, 2009. Contact: Jollene Levid, Gabnet Secretary-General,, Tel: 323-356-4748

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sex Trafficking in Women and Girls: A Global Phenomenon

Olivia J. Quinto, GABNet Education Director, speaks at:

"Sex Trafficking in Women and Girls: A Global Phenomenon," a panel presented by The Young Professionals Committee of UNIFEM/USNC/NY

A phenomenon know as "modern day slavery," sex trafficking has become increasingly pervasive. The panel will feature experts in the field who are working to promote awareness of this horrific issue and combat human trafficking. Panelists will provide an overview of the problem on the international level, and examine the steps being taken to address the problem and bring the trafficked victims to safety.

Thursday, April 23rd at 6:00 pm. DOORS OPEN at 5:30 pm.
The New School, Swayduck Auditorium
65 Fifth Ave. New York, NY

Featured Panelists:
Olivia Quinto Reyes, GABRIELA Network
Cortney Rhoads Stapleton, RedLight Children Campaign
Shamiso Mbizvo, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Moderator: Director Michael Cohen, Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School. Co-sponsored by The New School Graduate Program in International Affairs

Go to for updates. RSVP BY Wednesday, April 22nd to

May 5, 2009, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Recent Changes to Human Trafficking
Laws: An Analysis Of The Federal William Wilberforce Trafficking
Victims Protection Re-Authorization Act of 2008 and New York’s
Anti-Human Trafficking Law (2007) and Safe Harbor for Exploited Children
Act (2008)
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EXIT CUCKOO: "Women's Work?" Wed 4/22 at 8p

Exit CuckooJoin GABNet member/founder Ninotcka Rosca at a special post-performance dialogue of EXIT CUCKOO - a new play by the Working Theater

Exit Cuckoo is a hilarious and profoundly moving collage of mothers, nannies, caretakers and children and the complex chemistry between them. "Lisa Ramirez gives us an inside look into the complicated, disturbing, often overlooked world of mothers, nannies and children.... Both brave and funny, Exit Cuckoo deserves our attention." -Eve Ensler

Exit Cuckoo
written & performed by Lisa Ramirez; directed by Colman Domingo
April 17-May 17, 2009
Clurman Theatre, 410 W 42nd St. or 212.279.4200

Join us for these special post-performance dialogues:

Wed 4/22 at 8pm: "Women's Work?"

With Ninotchka Rosca of GABnet and Phoebe Taubman of A Better Balance. Working both inside and outside the home is continuing dilemma for women- how do we cope as individuals and as a society?

Sun 5/3 at 3pm: "Employers for Justice"
Hosted by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
What are common employment practices among employers of domestic workers- questions, difficulties and potential for change?

PAST: Sat. 4/18 at 2pm: "The Nanny Legacy"
Hosted by Domestic Workers United
What does the nanny-parent- child relationship look like when it works? Individual accounts of experiences being a nanny, employing a nanny and being nurtured by a nanny. Bring your story and share.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

GABNet Youth LA Condemns NYPD Police Brutality; Sends Message of Solidarity in Support of New School Protests

Maureen Ivy Quicho, Gabnet Organizing Director
Tel: (951) 333-4306

^GABNet NY/NJ member Ona Mirkinson protests New School University in New York City amidst incidents of abuse by the NYPD. Photo by NYTimes.

LOS ANGELES: Gabnet Youth LA of the Civitas School of Leadership at the Edward Roybal Learning Center condemns the actions of the New York Police Department, and stands in solidarity with the students of the New School, in their efforts to oust school president Bob Kerrey, former Nebraskan senator.

As Gabnet Youth recently led a thousand students to walk-out in Los Angeles, they support the New School students’ radical methods in New York. The New School students attempted to occupy the building on April 10, 2009, in order for their demands to be heard; they were subsequently beaten, pepper-sprayed and arrested by police officers.

“We should be able to exercise our right to protest without being unjustly attacked,” says Gabnet Youth leader Teresa Avalos.

Gabnet Youth LA is fighting a similar battle the New School students are waging. While the New School students are calling for the resignation of Kerrey, “a politician without a Ph.D,” as his intentions are aimed at economic profit, rather than academic excellence, Gabnet Youth LA is protesting the efforts of the LAUSD to pull itself out of a deficit by issuing pink slip notifications that will terminate thousands of teachers. Gabnet Youth member Ivania Zepeda drew parallels between the two struggles as she stated, “Just like the New School students, we are fighting for our basic right to a quality education, which should not be sacrificed for money or power.”

Gabnet Youth is committed to highlighting the experience of young women, and has been meeting and addressing various issues including educational justice and gender violence. Gabnet Youth is a unit of the Los Angeles chapter of Gabriela Network, a US-Philippine women's organization with chapters across the country. --###
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Afghan women protest law that legalises marital rape

Afghan women protest against law that 'legalises rape'

April 15, 2009, The Guardian - Hundreds of angry Afghan women gathered outside the Kabul mosque run by a hardline Shia cleric today to protest against a law that human rights organisations claim legalises marital rape.

About 200 women chanted slogans and carried banners outside the imposing Khatam Al Nabi mosque and seminary run by Mohammad Asif Mohseni, the cleric who has strongly promoted a law that also bans women from leaving their homes without the permission of their husbands.

Meanwhile, a roughly equal number of largely male counter-protesters shouted "Allahu Akbar" and furiously protested against what they see as largely foreign pressure to impose western cultural norms on Afghanistan.

According to Associated Press, some of the women were pelted with stones by opponents. >>Read more >>Read more